3 Week Post Partum Update

3 Week Post Partum Update

It’s my 3 week post partum update and I have only one word – shattered.

Ok, I have more words – but they really all revolve around sleep deprivation!

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Wow, newborns are exhausting and like ‘they’ say, it’s a good job they’re cute :)

Mini M

Mini M is particularly cute of course which is a good job as he’s not a fan of The Sleep at all.  Unless it’s in the daytime and especially at a time when there’s no possible chance of me having a quick nap with him!

Night time sleep is still pretty bad – ranging from 30 mins to 2 hours max at a time.  Mainly 30-60 minutes with 4-6 wake ups at night.  I know it’s normal, I know ‘this too shall pass’.  I know!  But I’m tired :(

He’s so much more alert in the daytime though which is lovely – he really fixes his eyes on me when I talk or sing to him and if he’s being held by someone else he still looks at me – I don’t think Miss M really ever did that. It’s v lovely :)

We had a trip to the oral specialist this week who said he had a slight tongue tie – well his tongue wasn’t quite extending enough so he had the quick snip to allow it to stretch out more and I think that’s improved feedings a lot :)

It was scary taking him for the surgery but the doctor was so so gentle and lovely and it literally took 2 minutes.


Apart from being extreeeeemely tired, I feel pretty good.  The midwife has discharged us so unless of any issues, we’re all good!

I’m still taking iron supplements as I’m deficient and that is sure to be contributing to my feeling shattered.

Breastfeeding is going really well and so far I have a great supply – hurray!  Mini M has put on all his birth weight and then some :)

Our Family

Miss M continues to be super cute with him – asking for him every morning before anything else!  I just can’t wait til they’re old enough to play together!

We try and include her in everything that involves Mini M such as ‘helping’ change his nappy or pass us his clothes etc and she likes being the helpful big sister :)

Life is very good for us right now and I’m feeling very blessed to have such a wonderful little family.

I know more sleep will come in time (I can’t wait!) and I’m making the most of the newborn snuggles while they last!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend :)

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