Mini M is 10 Months Old!

Mini M is 10 Months Old!

Mini M is 10 months old – I can’t believe he’ll be a year in just 2 more months.

He’s getting so much more social now and a little less serious! He’s smiling at strangers more and can be a noisy little chatterbox at times too.  His sister was always such a social baby and I think he’s now following suit.

He still takes a while to relax with people he hasn’t met before if they pick him up and he’s definitely more comfortable with close family.  This is where he differs from Miss M as I’m sure I remember her being fine with anyone new.

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We’ve been steaming ahead with baby led weaning, made even more comfortable by his lovely new high chair from BabyBjorn – lucky lucky baby.  He eats absolutely everything we’ve given him so far and particularly enjoys fish and chips!  Oh, and ice cream – he’s a BIG fan of ice cream. It isn’t all treats though, he has fruit and vegetables with every meal and loves the variety.

Mini has no teeth yet but I think we’re seeing some teething signs – he sometimes has pink cheeks and is a bit fussy for no other reason so perhaps we’ll see some pearly whites soon.

He’s as cute and cuddly as ever and loves nothing more than snuggles which is just lovely as that’s what I want with him too!  He waves Hello and Goodbye and has started clapping a bit which is very cute.  Oh and he loves to play peekaboo!

Mini adores his sister – she only has to look at him and he’s giggling away at her!

Unlike her, he loves the bath and having a good splash around! Well she does too once she’s in but these days it takes all sorts of bribes to get her there.

His favourite game is banging things – anything – and squealing in delight!

He isn’t crawling or pulling up yet but he is trying to kick off more and he loves being on the floor now. He’s a bottom shuffler in circles and if he wants to get anywhere, he just rolls there – so I think he’s lacking an incentive to try to crawl!

Sleep is good (I hate saying that out loud) and he still sleeps from 6.30pm-6.30am roughly with 1-2 naps per day. One thing I am so happy with is that we’re no longer aiding him to sleep in any way.  He has his bottle, we sing some lullabies, pop him down and leave the room and after a few seconds he puts himself to sleep. Honestly, I’m so so so so happy about this and I pray it continues as my poor back can’t take rocking a baby to sleep!

In some ways, 10 months seems a life time away, like it should be much longer. It just feels like we’ve always had our baby boy in our family and I struggle to remember time before he was here!


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  1. 4th March 2016 / 10:04 am

    Awh he’s adorable! Glad to hear he’s such a happy chap. Lu is quite similar, she’s almost ten months and pretty much stationary without teeth. They’re wonderful little creatures aren’t they :) x

    • 5th March 2016 / 1:21 pm

      Thanks lovely! That makes me feel better that Lu is the same, they get their in their own time don’t they :) x

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