Mini M is 7 Months old!

Mini M is 7 Months old!

Well this post is a little late in publishing but I didn’t want Mini M to miss out on an update now he is 7 months old :)

Mini M

Mini turned 7 months old a couple of weeks ago and he’s already turning into such a beautiful little boy.

He’s still a tiny baby to me of course but his little sunny personality is shining through and he is such a happy and content little thing.

Mini M is 7 Months old! - 7 Month old baby 7 months post partum

Honestly he’s like one of those babies you imagine you might get if you’re very lucky.  He only ever cries when he needs something and otherwise he is just so content to be cuddled, sit on my lap, play with his toys, he’s just so easy going.

Mini is much clingier over all that his sister was though and does like to have one of us very close to him – not much of a burden for us as he’s too cute to leave anyway!

I breastfed him exclusively for 6.5 months but had to stop then as I found a breast lump which unfortunately turned out to be Triple Negative Breast Cancer – you can see more about my diagnosis and treatment plan here but be assured, all is going to be ok!

It was a massive shock but Mini doesn’t seem to have been effected in any way and we’re just so grateful that he took to bottle feeding and formula so easily.  What a massive relief given the other drama going on.

He’s been having a whale of a time with baby led weaning and has been munching on banana, carrot, sweet potatoes, potatoes and toast mainly.


Well, as mentioned above, I have been diagnosed with cancer and I’ve posted a few times recently about that so don’t want this post to be about me.  The only thing I will say is please, check your boobs.  If you’re breastfeeding, if you’re pregnant, if you’re not, if you’re a man, if you’re anyone!  Check your boobs :)

Post partum-wise, and cancer aside, I’m doing pretty well I think.  My weight is pretty much to where it was pre-Mini now so I’m happy with that and when I’m all healed I’ll be trying to get myself fitter and healthier – it’s my goal to start that at the end of 2016 so no rush!

Mini has settled so well into our little family and it’s just like he’s always been here.  Miss M adores him and loves to make him laugh and giggle and she gives him to many kisses and cuddles.

We’re so blessed!

Mini’s 8 month update will be soon so I’ll end here and chat more in that one when things are a little less messy :)



  1. 30th December 2015 / 7:40 am

    I’m so pleased that Mini is doing so well and that he was happy to make the transition to a bottle after your diagnosis, what a clever boy! Love to you all xx

    • 30th December 2015 / 11:12 pm

      Oh thank you so much lovely lady! x x

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