Mini M is 9 months old!

Mini M is 9 months old!

Mini M is 9 months old already!  I can’t believe he’s going to be 1 in just 3 short months – crazy.

He has really developed such a lot in the last month.  He finally seems over his fear of tummy time – Miss M was the same, hated being on her tummy too.

He isn’t crawling so he’s a little behind his sister but as I’ve said before, as much as I don’t want to hold him back, I’m glad he isn’t too mobile at the moment while I’m in treatment.

He does love playing on the floor, rolling around everywhere and grabbing at anything in his path.  He kicks a LOT, especially when he’s excited or when he sees me – hurray!

Mini is a very nosy baby, again like his sister.  He has such a serious little face and stares so hard at anything or anyone he hasn’t seen before or for a while – it’s so funny.  He’s clearly trying to work everything out and he won’t smile until he’s 100% sure.

Sleepwise, he’s doing so well BUT we have gotten ourselves into a bad habit, as we did with his sister, of putting him down when he’s already asleep.  Not all of the time but definitely most of it.

Or we’ll give him a little rock – I knoooow I knoooow it’s bad and we need to stop.  It’s ok while he’s little but there’s no way I’m rocking a 1 year old to sleep.  We need to work on getting him down and letting him put himself to sleep – which we know he CAN do as he does it so often.

When he is asleep, he still sleeps all night from around 7.00pm to 6.00-6.30am.  I wish we could get him to sleep later in the morning but both my kids wake up now at that time so even if he did sleep in, Miss M would be up and waking him anyway.  Anyway I’m certainly not complaining as I’m very very very grateful he sleeps as long as he does!

Both kids clearly get their parents’ lazy gene and sleep well :)  They don’t always sleep through, sometimes they will wake up crying for no reason and I wonder if Mini is teething recently.  He has red cheeks sometimes but so far, still no teeth.  I’m dreading the teething phase!

Oh he loves banging things and laughs his head off if you ‘drum’ with him.

I’ve been testing his pincer grip by giving him squashed peas to pick up and eat and he’s doing splendidly.  I really need to get a photo for you of his scrunched up face whenever we give him new food though.  It’s pure disgust and so funny!  That’s the face he gives to anything new until he gets used to it – it certainly doesn’t stop him munching away though.

I’ve said this many times and I’m so grateful for it – Mini, so far, is a very easy baby.  He is happy as long as someone is nearby, he only cries when he needs something and he loves watching is big sister.  He isn’t thrilled when she takes his toy off him – we’re working on sharing.  He’s such a perfect little addition to our family and it’s hard to remember a time when it was only 3 of us.

I think he will be a later walker, probably later even that his sister who walked at 13 months.  His little legs are strong at kicking but he isn’t making any attempt at pulling himself up or crawling so I think we’re safe for a little while from another mobile one!

I can’t wait for him to fit into these beautiful Xplorer shoes from Bobux when he does walk though that were very kindly sent to us recently.

Bobux Xplorer shoes are available in size 18-22 and suitable for children aged approx 9 months to 2 years.

Bobux Xplorer Childrens Shoes Review - Xplorer Range Kids Shoes Baby Shoes First Shoes Bobux New Zealand

They’re so beautifully made, soft and comfortable for little feet but with a supportive sole.  The velcro and elastic strap will help keep them on and they’re very lightweight and breathable.

When Mini does start walking, we want him to be safe on our tiled floors and these shoes will help keep him stable and supported.

Bobux Xplorer Childrens Shoes Review - Xplorer Range Kids Shoes Baby Shoes First Shoes Bobux New Zealand

Image Source: Bobux

Chris and Colleen Bennett founded Bobux in 1991 to create beautiful and healthy kids shoes that support babies in their foot development.

Design & Innovation Manager at Bobux, Andrew Johnston, describes the XPLORER as a revolutionary children’s shoe, with support and style at the forefront of his design goals.

“We wanted to develop a shoe that really aided children as they learnt to walk, but also looked great and was the kind of footwear parents wanted to put their children in,” explains Johnston. “Research shows that barefoot is best for children learning to walk, so they can really feel the ground beneath and remain unrestricted.

“The XPLORER’s flexible sole mimics the feel of walking barefoot helping kids to develop spatial awareness and balance, while also protecting children’s delicate feet.

“We gave the shoe a really modern, cool look and feel, so while the technology and safety is there, the shoes look awesome on kid’s feet and parents want their kids to be seen wearing them.”

Bobux distributing to retailers across New Zealand, Australian, United Kindom, USA, Italy, Belgium and France.

Bobux Xplorer Childrens Shoes Review - Xplorer Range Kids Shoes Baby Shoes First Shoes Bobux New Zealand

Disclosure: these beautiful shoes were sent to us in exchange for our honest review.


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