9 Newborn Baby Essential Products

9 Newborn Baby Essential Products

As Mini M has just graduated from the newborn baby stage (sob sob), I thought I’d put together a list of the newborn baby essential products that we have used (links are affiliate links):

9 Newborn Baby Essential Products - lovefrommim.com Newborn Baby Essentials What do you need for a Newborn Baby Things you need for a Newborn Baby

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1.  Nappy Rash Cream

We’ve used Sudocrem with both of our babies when they’ve had nappy rash as it’s brilliant for treating it quickly and soothing the skin.  You can read my review of Sudocrem Care & Protect here.

2.  Swaddle Blankets

I swear by SwaddleMe swaddle blankets as they’re soft, cotton swaddle wraps for keeping babies that like being swaddled snug and warm at night with the freedom to still kick their little legs.  They’re so easy to use, no complicated wrapping techniques!  You can buy SwaddleMes here.  I’m convinced they’ve assisting in helping my babies sleep for longer, they’re great for every season and they wash really well too.

3.  Pram

A pram is clearly an essential in maneuvering a newborn from A to B!  We chose the iCandy for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it’s excellent quality and has great reviews (you can read mine here).  Secondly, we knew we wanted to have 2 babies close together and wanted a pram that could convert from a pram to a stroller and then to a double.  We didn’t want to worry about buying multiple prams so the iCandy Peach fitted the bill nicely!

9 Newborn Baby Essential Products - lovefrommim.com Newborn Baby Essentials What do you need for a Newborn Baby Things you need for a Newborn Baby

4.  Car Seat

An essential if you have a car, clearly!  We invested in the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix and love it so far.  It’s so easy to get in and out of the car and with the addition of adapters, it fits on to our iCandy pram base perfectly – easy peasy!  Mini seems perfectly comfortable in it in the car too.

5.  Nappy Changing Bag

For me, this is an essential but I do have friends who have managed perfectly happily with a large bag that they already own.  I love my Babymoov Glober Bag and here is what I store in it.  I love that it can be carried in so many different ways – as a messenger bag, a rucksack or over the shoulder.  We have it in grey and my husband is very happy to carry it around too.  Inside, it’s like the tardis and stores so much.  I couldn’t be without it now.

6.  Co-sleeper/Cot

With both babies, we have had them in our room at night to sleep in the newborn stage.  Both babies also suffer from reflux and are unable really to lie flat at night as it’s so uncomfortable.  We have this reclining Rock n Play Sleeper from Fisher Price and I love it.  Mini is so snug and cosy in there, it pulls up right next to my bed and I can gently rock him sometimes too.

7.  Carrier

I love carrying my babies close to me and as newborns, both of mine have loved it too.  In fact, they pretty much insisted on me carrying them all of the time!  It was therefore very important to invest in suitable carriers.

I opted for a sling with my first baby as she was a newborn in Australia and I wanted something very light.  I got a Breeze Baby Sling which was very lightweight mesh and can be taken into the shower or sea too!  I still use it now with Mini M.

Our favourite carrier is the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One and you can read my review of it here.

Babymoov were also lovely enough to send me a Baby Carrier and I love it.

This carrier can be used to carry babies from birth to 18kgs in the best physiological position for the baby.  I love that you can carry the baby in 3 different positions too – on your front, back or hip.

I’ve carried Mini M around in this a lot on my front so far as he’s still teeny and he really likes being in there, so much so that he snoozes very quickly.  I suffer from a bad back sometimes but this carrier feels very supportive to me and fits well so that I don’t bend forward or get uncomfortable.

9 Newborn Baby Essential Products - lovefrommim.com Newborn Baby Essentials What do you need for a Newborn Baby Things you need for a Newborn Baby Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Babymoov Glober Changing Bag Fisher Price Snugabunny Rock n Play

8.  Feeding Bottles

I breastfed my first baby but had a low supply so supplemented with formula so good bottles were essential.  This time around (touch wood) I have a really good supply but I do intend to express milk occasionally so we have stocked up on these feeding bottles given to us from Lansinoh.  I love that the bottles have specially designed teats that, according to Lansinoh, encourage the same peristaltic tongue movements babies use at the breast.  Having had supply issues last time, the last thing I want is to cause my second baby any stress when breastfeeding such as nipple confusion so I like this about these bottles.

9.  Video Monitor

Finally, a video monitor.  We do not have a big house but when we put the babies to bed, they’re upstairs and I as I can’t hear too much from downstairs, I like to be able to hear and see them on the video monitor.

I also found a video monitor really REALLY useful when I wanted to take a shower when the babies were sleeping.  Before then I would shower frantically, worried that when I turned the shower off I’d hear piercing screams!  With the monitor, I could easily see how they were doing and could even judge if I had long enough to wash and perhaps condition my hair – what a treat!

I hope you found this list helpful if you’re expecting a baby yourself.

If you already have a newborn bundle of your own, I’d love to hear what products you recommend!
Some of my favourite new baby items (affiliate links):

9 Newborn Baby Essential Products - lovefrommim.com Newborn Baby Essentials What do you need for a Newborn Baby Things you need for a Newborn Baby

Image Source: Pixabay

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  1. Helen
    14th August 2015 / 11:18 am

    Great essentials – another essential for us is muslin cloths! We used the larger one to swaddle and the smaller ones to clean up sick etc. They have so many uses :) #TheList

    Helen x


    • 14th August 2015 / 11:19 am

      Oh yes yes I love muslins – they’re so good for many situations aren’t they! :)

  2. Richard
    15th September 2015 / 7:10 am

    Great list Mim. We recently did one on our blog of gifts for expecting mums which is why I thought i’d comment.

    I’d definitely add Bonds Baby Zippy Onesie. These have been awesome for us when we had our little one… so easy to get off to change dirty nappies, and look great too.

    Anyway, just thought i’d add my 2 cents. Great work on the blog.

    Oh and if you’re looking for gift ideas.. maybe check out ours. :)

    • 15th September 2015 / 8:05 pm

      Thanks so much Richard! :)

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