Babymoov Swoon Motion Swing Review

Babymoov Swoon Motion Swing Review

Mini M is now 5 weeks’ old – where did the time go?  He looks so much bigger already and he’s doing brilliantly. We’ve had the Health Visitor come round to see how we’re doing a couple of times and she thinks he’s doing great putting on lots of weight and developing really well.

Before I had Mini M, I was sent a beautiful baby swing for him – the Babymoov Swoon Motion Swing.  I was beyond excited when it arrived – it really is such a treat for him.  I just wish they did an adult size one as I’m sure it would help my sleep issues!

As Mini is still very young, he spends most of the day breastfeeding, in my arms or in my sling or baby carrier.

However, there are times when I need to put him down and with him being so young, he gets unsettled very quickly. This swing is a life-saver. Babymoov Swoon Motion Swing Review - Baby Swing Newborn Baby Swing

It’s so soft and comfortable for him to lie in and can be adjusted so easily for him to lie flat or sit more upright.  Sitting upright is better for Mini M at the moment as he’s quite prone to spitting up and lying too flat is uncomfortable.

The swing has a 5 speed motion control and rocks from side to side or back to forwards.  It also has a genius intuitive motion detector and can tell when your baby has woken up so it starts rocking again.  Amazing!

Babymoov Swoon Motion Swing Review - Baby Swing Newborn Baby Swing

It can be used by babies from birth to 8kgs so will last us a long time and if your baby loves music, it has 8 mp3 melodies.  Mini M hasn’t used them as yet as he’s lucky enough to be serenaded by Miss M’s nursery rhymes most of the day.

While he’s still so young he lies in the swing a few times a day for around 10 minutes each time – he’s still at the age there he wants to be on me all of the time or very close to me.

The challenge is of course to try and keep my 2 year old OUT of the swing herself!

I’ve found the Babymoov Swoon Motion Swing very soothing for my baby in helping him settle sometimes.  What are your tips for settling a new baby?

Babymoov also have another swing in their range called the Swoon Up which has 2 height settings and can be raised so that baby joins you at the dining table! has reviewed the Swoon Up from Babymoov here

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Babymoov Swoon Motion Swing Review - Baby Swing Newborn Baby Swing

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  1. 14th June 2015 / 7:35 pm

    That is such a slick looking swing! We had a Gracco one but it didn’t look nearly as close to being an art installation! Glad it’s working for you – I found a vibrating baby seat to be the best thing. My second daughter spent her first six months in one!

    • 13th July 2015 / 9:21 am

      It really is slick – I want an adult sized one for me! :)

  2. Chari
    26th May 2016 / 12:34 am

    Did you have any trouble with it? How long did your baby use it?

    • 26th May 2016 / 12:40 pm

      We used it for 4 months – it’s such good quality and we would have used it much longer but we emigrated and couldn’t take it with us. We only had one issue with the adapter but Babymoov sent us a new one immediately :)

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