Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump

Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump

My review of the Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump:

I have such mixed emotions at the moment.  I’m returning to work in November – a new job with a new company in a brand new city in Australia!

I’m so excited about starting work again, I love working – everything about it – am I weird?  Possibly!  The new company seem so lovely and have been wonderfully helpful in our emigration to Australia and I can’t wait to join their team.

I’m sad though because I’ll be leaving the babies and finishing my last ever maternity leave.  I’ve loved my time off with them both and we’ve had so much fun so it will be hard to get used to not spending as much time with them.

Luckily, my new role is part-time and for a while they will be having a mix of me, Mr M and daycare looking after them.  We’ll be working up to having them both in daycare 4 days per week.

Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump - Breast Pump Electric Breast Pump Expressing Breast Milk Nuby Digital Breast Pump Reviews

So this inevitably leaves me with a decision to make – do I wean Mini M before I return to work or do I try and express milk while I’m working so that he can be bottle fed expressed milk when I’m not around.

I’m currently leaning towards the latter option and so it was perfect timing when Nuby asked me to review their brand new Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump.

I’ve had previous experience using the Medela Swing and the Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump so I was particularly interested to see how it measured up.

Like the other two pumps, it has a stimulation and expression/let down function which can be completely adjusted to suit your comfort.

I expressed from day one with Miss M as I had a low breast milk supply and used the pump after each feed to encourage production of more milk.  This time around, I’ve only expressed once before and hadn’t needed to afterwards as Mini M is exclusively breastfed and I’ve never been away from him for more than a few hours.  I’m so thankful to have had no supply issues this time.

This week I knew I had a long trip to the hairdressers so I thought this would be the perfect time to express beforehand and see how he went with a bottle.  The last time I tried to feed him a bottle he had none of it but as my return to work date approaches, we need to get him ‘bottle ready’ soon!

The Nuby Natural Touch Digital breast pump is really easy to set up and the digital control panel is easy to read.  If I end up ever expressing at night time it will work well for that too.

There are 5 settings for speed and suction and it’s a very quiet pump.

Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump - Breast Pump Electric Breast Pump Expressing Breast Milk Nuby Digital Breast Pump Reviews

It’s a very similar to the Medela Swing, which I loved, and a great contender for it!  I especially like that it can be battery or mains operated and at the moment I don’t know what the set up at my new work will be for finding somewhere to express.  On the off chance there isn’t a place to plug it in, I’ll still be able to use it.

Unlike the Lansinoh pump, it’s only a single one which means it will take a bit longer to express at work big that does free up my other hand to crush some candies or rescue some pets on my iPhone.

I expressed about 30mls this week and it took about 5 minutes which is no time at all.  I only did a small amount just in case Mini M refused the bottle again – didn’t want to waste the liquid gold!

Mr M had a bash at feeding Mini the bottle and he had none of it, wriggling around and trying to get away.  We persisted though and after only a few minutes of wriggling he realised it was MILK and had the lot – woo hoo!

It was so lovely for Mr to be able to feed him too!

It was such a weight off my mind that he took the bottle and I’m hoping it isn’t a ‘one-off’.
I don’t intend to express too much but will try to occasionally to build up a little supply for him for when I’m working.

This breast pump is lightweight and small enough to fit into my handbag so taking it to work will be easy if I decide to.

The Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump is available here for £89.99.

If you have any tips for building a freezer supply or expressing breast milk, please let me know :)

Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump - Breast Pump Electric Breast Pump Expressing Breast Milk Nuby Digital Breast Pump Reviews

Disclosure: I was sent the Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump in exchange for my honest review.

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