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I’m Mim, a married mother of 2 small children in NSW, Australia. is a Personal and Lifestyle blog with ideas and inspiration for women.  It is a collection of all the things I love!

I’m passionate about living life to the full in a healthy and positive way and inspiring others to do so too. I thrive on finding ways to become more productive, live sustainably and I also work closely with numerous charities.

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What to expect when you’re a new Mother

How to get the house ready for a newborn baby

6 Things they Don’t tell you about Pregnancy

New Mum Essentials

Breast Cancer

My Triple Negative Breast Cancer diagnosis

Why I blog about my Breast Cancer

Walk a day in my shoes

One year after my Breast Cancer diagnosis

Planning & Productivity

5 ways to work Smarter, not Harder!

30 Productivity Hacks for working from home

How to stop getting distracted and get stuff done

3 ways to declutter your Digital Life


How to double your blog’s traffic

How to be a friendly Blogger

Why I started blogging

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