Why spare rooms should never go spare

Why Spare Rooms should never go spare

If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room in your home, then you have probably spent quite some time thinking about exactly what to use it for as an on-going project. The odds are that right now it’s being used for storage, or as a hobby room – but if you are thinking of converting that space into something more practical in order to immediately add value to your home, why not create a spare bedroom?

Not only will a clever conversion paint a clear picture for prospective buyers when the time comes for you to move house, it will also mean that guests have a designated place to stay when they come to visit. And the good news is that, so long as you do it properly, you can have those previously mentioned advantages without having to sacrifice your precious man-cave or storage space.

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A spare bedroom can absolutely serve a double purpose, provided that a few key criteria are met. The colour scheme that you adopt will be a key component of this, and you can never go wrong with a cool, neutral or pastel approach. Classic colours such as pale blue, cream, magnolia and white will all serve to make relatively small rooms appear light and spacious, and contrasting this base with spatters of bright and bold colours will ensure it always looks smart, whether you have guests staying or not.

Your choice of furniture is also absolutely crucial. Keeping a television in your bedroom is an ever-increasing occurrence, so this is something that can absolutely be kept where it so – just so long as the rest of the room’s look reflects the same ambiguity – and the most obvious place to start would be your choice of bed.

Not so long ago, sofa beds were a byword for an uncomfortable night’s sleep, but not any longer.

Now you can pick them up in a range of styles and designs, and whether you are looking for a couch that can fold-down flat, or a settee with a slide-out mechanism that easily switches from being a luxurious sofa into an equally welcoming double bed, there are now a number of makes and models to meet your every desire.

Pair this new piece of furniture with some neon-piped bedding, add an underfloor heating kit, a floor rug and some tasteful accessories in matching shades, and you will be almost there. To complete the transformation, try adding a long run of built-in cupboards that can be used to store all of your visitors’ clothes, baggage and shoes, and you will soon find that your spare room can become an area that you can use to store out-of-season clothing and hobby equipment.

Equally, a well-chosen desk can serve as a bedside table for guests’ miscellaneous possessions, and before long, your guest room will become the most sought-after storage and relaxation area in your entire home.

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